All your guests' needs, one voice command away

Qvick has the ability to cater to all your guests' needs during their stay. From basic housekeeping requests to food ordering, everything can be done without engaging a single human resource of the hotel.


   Exclusive hotel news

   Suite of entertainment skills

   Customized collateral


   Recommendations Engine

   Feedback and Data

   Analytics and Reports

Tools & Support

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Hotels want to make sure all guests, across all ages are satisfied with their stay. Qvick helps hotels increase the engagement of guests with some captivating alexa skills ranging from games, stories, news to fun rapid fire quizzes.

Hotel News

A hotel is always a buzzing place with events and news for all its guests. Various initiatives, offers, season's greetings and updates about new amenities can be of a lot of interest to the guests. qvick is the perfect platform to inform and share the updates with all your guests

Flash briefing skill

Guests can know about the latest news, updates and events that are happening in the hotel by just asking alexa, “what’s in the news”. Information about upcoming events can also be published. This news can even be customized in the voice of one of the hotel staff.

Publishing Interface

Easy to use interface to publish a new updates in the news feed. This can be customized and changed on the fly from the qvick administration app.

Call to actions

Hotel information, and recommendations based on season, time and user’s interests can be made available. Guests can also give their nod to register and participate in an upcoming event.

Suite of entertainment skills

Hospitality must be for all and not just the adults. qvick gives hotels the unique opportunity to engage the kids, youth and adults alike by providing them a suite of entertaining games, quizzes and trivia to keep them engaged and happy during their stay.

Kids zone

Kids love new experiences. Kids zone helps them explore different subjects in an interactive and fun way. They can learn shapes, animal voices, parts of the calendar through engaging and fun stories.

Battle of sexes

This game is a quick rapid fire round to test who is smarter between Boys and Girls. People of all ages can give an attempt this 5 questions rapid fire round to ascertain their dominance of their gender’s team.

Movie Mania

Guess the movie by listening to a funny and brief summary of the movie. It might be the summary of the story or a famous dialogue or a song from it. Movies from the last few decades are reminded by this skill and adults can have fun trying to recollect pop culture of the past.

Branded and customized collateral

Brand identity and customization help set the tone and context to any environment. Our services provide customization on hardware and software to include brand identity, customized voice responses as per hotel's taste. These collaterals make the learning process much easier for the guest to use the voice commands and interact with Alexa seamlessly

Flash briefing skill Branded hardware

Guests can know about the latest news, updates and events that are happening in the hotel by just asking alexa, “what’s in the news”. Information about upcoming events can also be published. This news can even be customized in the voice of one of the hotel staff.

Custom wall mounts

To address the issue of misuse and theft, custom wall mounts and table mounts are available with us, which can be customized as per the hotel’s taste and specifications.

Tent Cards and Help booklets

A guide to use qvick and alexa is definitely a must for those guests who are new to use this technology. Our design team can work closely with the marketing team of the hotel to come up with beautiful tent cards and help booklets that will contain sample utterances that the user can say to avail all of qvick’s services.


Qvick helps hotels boost their efficiency and performance by reducing the amount of work of human resources. The affinity based recommendation engine helps hotel upsell services. Qvick is a valuable source for multiple data points that can be very valuable for performance analytics.

Recommendations Engine

Affinity based recommendations are proven to be highly effective across lot of industries. Recommendations that are contextual have higher probability of helping enterprises upsell their services. Qvick has the ability to recommend food and beverage options based on customer’s interest.

The recommendation engine can also recommend tourist attractions along with the best time to pay a visit. Hotel’s concierge services can be offered to the tourists in this context which can prove to be highly effective.

Feedback and Data

Qvick is an invaluable source of real time data of guest’s intents, hotel’s performance, and feedback from the guest which is collected in an easy 5 step process. This data can be used to analyze and get performance metrics like the average time to fulfill a particular request, most frequently raised complaint and can be compared over time and across various shifts.

Analytics and reports

You can define the time frame when you want the reports to be generated and auto sent to the administration. These analytics and reports are visually appealing and color coded to represent increase or decrease of engagement, complaints and performance.


The voice interface helps consumer experience and decreases manual interference. However, the solution can only be complete if there is a robust administrative software that helps hotels add, manage users and tasks. Qvick team would not only help in setup and integrations but also in procuring the hardware, configuration and lifetime support.

Admin Dashboard

qvick admin dashboard helps hotel administration to track live request feed and assign it to the corresponding on-duty staff seamlessly. This process can be automated as well. The escalation system makes sure that the guest request is notified to the concerned person if the sub-ordinate doesn't acknowledge in time.

Live request feed

All guest requests placed on qvick system are updated real time on the qvick admin dashboard and routed to the respective departments based on if it is a housekeeping request, an engineering complaint or a in-room dining order and so on.

User management

Admin dashboard has the option of adding new users and managing permissions. This way the hotel can connect all their staff with their respective concerned tasks seamlessly.

Assigning tasks

Admin can assign tasks to on-duty staff manually or enable the auto assign mode where the application would identify the concerned staff who is readily available. The hotel can assign approximate average delivery times to help guests know about the expected wait time for their request. Alternatively, the admin can also manually enter an ETA for the request.

Runner App

qvick runner app is a dedicated app for all the on-duty staff in the hotel operations. They are assigned tasks on this app. Runners can acknowledge a task, fulfill it and then close the task on the app. The status is persisted across the admin app as well in real time.


The runner app is configured to take into account the escalation hierarchy and enables admin to assign timeouts for the tasks. This ensures that if an on-duty staff fails to acknowledge or rejects a particular task for various reasons, it will be notified to the next concerned person in the hierarchy.


The runners have the option to toggle offline and online at the necessary times to make sure that the admin doesn't have the option to assign a task to them in that period where the runner is unavailable due to any reason. The auto assign feature also doesn't assign the tasks to the runners during this period.


There are several top notch guest request management applications in the world that are already in place. Lot of top hotel brands use these applications to ease their operations. qvick makes sure that the voice product is compatible and integrated with some of the best guest request management systems in the world.


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Qvick management software

This software suite that is available on web, ios and android platforms comprise of two parts - the admin app and the runner app. Admin app helps administration to track live requests, manage users and assign the tasks to respective on-duty staff either in an automated way or manually. The runner app is for the staff to notify the admin after the request is fulfilled.

Hardware support

qvick is compatible with all amazon echo devices namely, echo dot, plus, spot and show. This gives hotel the flexibility to use the devices as per their requirement in various categories of rooms. Our team can help hotel procure the devices quickly and with a generous discount with multiple payment models.

Software support and Integrations

Qvick gives 24x7 software support to all of its products and tools. The voice ecosystem is not limited to the qvick admin application. We are integrated with some of hospitality industry’s best softwares like HotSOS, Knowcross, FCS, Prologic and so on.


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