About Us

Redefine Luxury with voice

Qvick is a virtual private assistant designed to be capable of understanding our voice commands, and performing tasks thereby.

It is an advanced speech to text recognition engine that is powered by Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms. One of the most difficult tasks for every Luxury hotel manager is to keep up with the incoming room service requests and making sure they are fulfilled with utmost care, consistency and speed.

Qvick is an intelligent substitute for the conventional way of taking down Guest requests on a piece of paper or on the phone by an operator.

Our Clients

Voycefirst is a Voice technology start-up based out of Virginia, US and Hyderabad, India. We build enterprise and consumer applications that are powered by Voice and Amazon Alexa.

We are passionately building the most advanced and user-friendly interfaces by leveraging technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which are powered by Artificial Intelligence and extremely efficient Speech to text recognition engines. The Alexa skills we are building today are going to change the way applications are used.

We envision a world, where users interact with devices in a much more natural way, which is Voice.


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