Code To Save

Save the Earth from Aliens!

Code Crush is a unique and engaging game that is supported on Echo Show. This game was built to engage the kids in a gripping story and teach them the basic concepts of coding like Datatypes, Decision making statements and Loops.

We are currently living in the Information age where software skills are as essential as basic communication skills for any professional. Children are hence taught the concepts of computer logic, and programming languages from a very young age. Our vision while building this game was to make the process of teaching coding, more engaging and fun.

The Story

The story is set in the year 2054 on the Nile river in Egypt. Kids can choose to be AJ, the Hero or Pearl, the Heroine. The only way to save mankind from the incoming aliens is to follow the instructions given by the Supercomputer which is in the form of code. The Hero must save himself from the attack and find out a way to defeat the mother ship that is stationed behind the moon.

Voice Design


The Echo show is a powerful and engaging platform for gaming. It’s Voice driven interface ensures that the gaming experience is as interactive as possible. We built a robust pool of sample utterances and user intents that can recognize and understand accurately almost all kinds of voice commands the user can come up with while playing the game.

Coding Concepts


This game teaches the basics of programming languages to kids. The lessons are intertwined with the story very intricately so that kids don’t feel as if it is another lesson that is being taught. Kids can learn the following concepts after playing the game :

  • Datatypes
  • Decision Making Statements
  • Loops