Feedback on Alexa

Alexa’s efficient framework helps us build a feedback recording skill with a beautiful Voice Interface. Our skill can have upto 6 questions which users can listen to and give responses if they were happy, neutral or sad.

When they choose sad for any of the question, we have follow up questions to understand in a more granular way as to why they are sad.

Businesses can use this skill and customize it to collect feedback from their customers.

Feedback Questions Management

Enterprises who subscribe with us for this skill will be given a profile where they can upload their questions. The changes happen dynamically and Alexa would ask the new questions.

Businesses can also schedule certain questions at specific time intervals. This gives them the flexibility to choose data points they wish to collect contextually based on the time of the day.

Feedback Analytics

Our Web application helps Enterprises to look at the feedback in a graphical manner. Enterprises can collect data about their services, compare it with their performance in different time periods and make decisions backed by robust data to improve their services.